CallerID Monitor 2.0

CallerID Monitor 2.0: Turn your PC into advanced Caller ID device using your modem or ISDN adapter CallerID Monitor is a powerful full-featured Caller ID detection software that will turn your PC into advanced Caller ID device. Identify callers using CallerID Monitor before you answer to call. It uses your modem or ISDN adapter and Caller ID service provided by your local phone company in order to identify who`s calling. You can use CallerID Monitor while you`re online. If you have ISDN adapter, Call Waiting feature is supported.

CapiDog 1.52: ISDN monitor program showing busy channels in system tray and pops up numbers
CapiDog 1.52

ISDN monitor program showing busy channels in system tray and pops up a window showing the calling, called and redirecting numbers when a call comes in. Also allows a d-channel trace into a file. Requires an AVM, Gerdes, or Scitel ISDN adapter. An English language version is available here:

d channel trace, capi, isdn, call monitor, calling number

PyroTrans 2.24: Automated or manual file transfer over ISDN, modem or internet
PyroTrans 2.24

PyroTrans is an EuroFile transfer package (client, server and batch mode), that allows users to manually or automatically exchange files between computers which are connected via ISDN, Modem or Internet. The product is targeted at software developers, users and companies who require easy and reliable file transfer, either manually or controlled by other software. The product is typically used to exchange files between company and field staff.

file, pyrotrans, isdn, modem, tapi, eurofile, batch, transfer, euro eft

Moony ISDN Caller ID, Fax, Voicemail 3.23: Versatile Isdn Call Monitor, Answering machine and Fax (send/receive)
Moony ISDN Caller ID, Fax, Voicemail 3.23

Moony is an ISDN call monitor program. The basic purpose is to show the phone number (and names) for incoming calls. Other highlights are multiple telephone answering machines, fax (send and receive), SMS notification for missed calls and network support and a notification window, which does not interrupt you if you are typing text in another application.

capi, monitor, isdn, mobile, answering, voice mail, call, machine

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Calling-Us Standard ISDN-Suite Rev.10/2004

Calling-Us Personal offers the basic features for professional ISDN communication on your computer: Configure anwering machines, fax receipts, a VIP welcome and a DTMF menu navigation. The program is installed in the twinkling of an eye and is because of it`s intuitive Drag&Drop user guide. Please see for details!

capi, e mail, dtmf, isdn, answering machine, phone

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ISDN-Monitor 4.5.4

ISDN lines became generally accepted for two reasons as the standard for fixed line connections. First of all, you can use the telephone and internet at once. Secondly - and not insignificantly - it allows caller ID. This free application indicates who called and when on your computer. As soon as the telephone rings, the Freeware launches with details of the caller.

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ISDN-Note 4.3: Send short messages using ISDN phone lines and relay phone calls to your mobile
ISDN-Note 4.3

Send short messages using ISDN phone lines and relay phone calls to your celluar phone.

isdn sms short, service, message

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